Betsie Zarkema

lead vocals/ guitar 


Betsie Zarkema is the lead singer of the band and she also takes the guitar when that's suitable.

She's always had a great passion for singing and music, She sings, plays the guitar and also writes her own songs!

Arno Mijnten

lead vocals / Guitar/ Bass/ Banjo/ ukkelille/ Harmonica/ drum.

Despite Arno Mijnten is a couple of years younger than the other band members , he also has a passion for country music! He tries in his own way to make his moves in the music bussines.

He plays a lot with the band and he has his solo career as well. He likes playing music of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny cash and many more great artists.

Like Betsie, Arno writes his own music as well!

Johan van Ark


Johan van Ark has proved his special skills as soundman by the famous radio station "Countryland" (you can listen to it on: )

Johan van Ark is also years in the business as light and sound technician by the EWOB (European World Of Bluegrass).


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